Hannah Wallace


I am constantly hungry right now to use creativity more progressively. I believe in the arts as a social tool. My personal and career goals are all channelled toward making a difference in lives. Having recently relocated to London, I now find myself in a position where such goals are more accessible. I know that I work better in collaboration, and what you do at good for nothing is exactly the place i believe I could use my passion, skill and sociability with other special, unique and visionary people. this feels like a cover note for a job, but I think that's simply because I'd love so much to join you.

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Hannah's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have had experience in community arts projects. What I have experienced is just the tip of what's out there- I want more.

As an illustrator and designer I have a good scope of practical (hand-rendered/digital) skills, as well as a love of creative problem solving. I nurture projects and work thoroughly.

I love people. I love bringing something to their lives, and that is a driving force that underlines everything I do.

Part of the movement for 11 years