Haroon Hussain

I believe we simply have too much free time on our hands to not be involved with some kind of community project. And for me what could be better than combining my two favourite interests, Digital and Social!


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Haroon's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I've always been a computer addict from a young age, and have been involved with developing stuff, playing around with it. I could spend hours of your time talking about how one way of building something is more future proof than another :P

From my last 2 years at university i got really involved with all sorts of social projects and international charities, getting together with a group of students and as a team in my final few years we managed to start projects like 'streetmeat' a soup kitchen for homeless completely ran by and mostly funded by students which till this day is still running.

I had the blessing of working on crazy charity week projects in which as a university we raised over ten thousand pound for a international orphans project in a week, again all organised and run by students using all kinds of digital marketing strategies.

Part of the movement for 9 years

September 2014

  • Attended the Gig 2.5 gig in Good for Nothing Girls on Friday 19th