Helen Rutherford-Gregory


I wasn't born in Chester, I chose it as my home. It's a small, quirky city with a big attitude! It is pregnant with opportunity and creativity. It's probably (despite Social Media) one of the most positive places I know and the optimism is inspiring. My business is all about bringing together women in the community. I strongly believe that whatever is broken can be fixed when people work together. Good for nothing isn't just a group of people for me, it's an ethos I live my life by.


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Helen's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Play
  • Do
  • Write
  • Connect

As founder of SisterHub, a community of women across Cheshire, I have built a wealth of connections over the last two years, many of whom I'd call friends.

My aim is to bring people together to create meaningful relationships.

I'm a very strong organiser. I'm comfortable and capable chairing large events and speaking in public.

As a political activist I have addressed rooms of over 500 politicians. I am tenacious and absolutely thrive on getting things done.

I think outside the box and sometimes have to be pulled back in a little bit. Nothing is unachievable.

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February 2019

  • Attended a social in Chester on Thursday 7th

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November 2018

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