J Mark Dodds

I've been doing Good For Nothing for decades and want to inspire the Good For Nothing network to collaborate in the gestation of the People's Pub Partnership - the radical, revolutionary, crowd funded, fossil fuel free, John Lewis of pub companies. It's almost ready to go and it needs large input from a lot of inspired and visionary Good Doers


London member


J's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design

Big picture long term vision - joining up dots, seeing how networks of people can work together, inspiring collaboration, creative direction, doing it inexpensively
Community engagement experience
Campaigning on issues of fairness
Practical experience of making things happen, project development and management
Budget setting and management
Engaging networks of interested people
Inspiring others to do what they are good at
Smelling bullshit and saying so

Part of the movement for 6 years