James Walpole

I want to go to a night that is on so I have to join to go to it, I don't want to present anything I just want to see what's happening.


Bristol member


James's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Do
  • Write
  • Connect

I am good at thinking and I try to turn that thinking into ideas and them ideas into real things. I am making a socially minded website at the moment I thought of because there is nothing like it and it would be really useful. I am training to become a counsellor and I have a good understanding of people, generally speaking. I do writing off and on as well, I don't like paid work as it is often boring but I like thinking of stories and poems as they are a fun thing to think about. I write them down sometimes but not so much recently, although I am thinking of writing poetry again, I used to do performance poetry stuff. That seems to be the most relevant stuff. Just started to border on irrelevant so I have almost stopped writing.

Part of the movement for 3 years

September 2017