Jen Gale

We all need to take individual responsibility for what happens in our own lives, but also for the impact that our choices make on our communities, and the world around us. I really believe that we can all make a difference, if we actually get on and do stuff, rather than sit around arguing about all the reasons why we shouldn't. I want to make a difference, I want to do some good stuff (I think I already have/am) and meet other people who want to do good stuff to. Together, we can be a real force for good, and empower other people to do good stuff too.


Warminster, wilts ba12 9qff member


Jen's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have spent the last year Buying Nothing New, and blogging about it every day at My Make Do and Mend Year.
I am passionate about engaging other people in the fight against climate change and empowering them to believe that the choices they make as individuals can make a difference.
I have also started a fledgling social enterprise in my town, called Make It Better-we have put on the first Repair Cafe in the county, the first Swish, as well as sewing days making dresses for the Dress a Girl Around the World project. I want to give my quiet little rural market town a kick up the backside and make some things happen!
I have no specific skills regarding IT or anything technical, but I have passion and belief and want to make a difference.

Part of the movement for 10 years