Jo Edwards

Mostly, we all go to work and it doesn't do much good. Imagine if we could use the skills that we hone and practise every day to actually help others? Born and raised in South Africa, I've always had a keen sense of the "have" and "have not" nature of our world and have always wanted to help those who haven't had the advantages that I've had in my life. I've supported some small charity fundraising events with music performances and once travelled to Swaziland to volunteer for a month with a charity focusing on HIV and gender violence issues. I'd like to help!


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I'm a creative with almost 20 years' experience as a graphic designer, web designer, art director, creative director, copywriter and marketing/creative strategist. With a background as a musician, and having studied as an actor, dancer and journalist to add to a career as a creative, naturally I decided that next I should run a business. So, I'm now an agency founder (www.thewa.lk). I've been a lot, done a lot, travelled a lot and would love to contribute, using whatever I've got to help people who are better than me do some actual good in the world. Thanks.

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March 2019