Jo Langston

A passion to develop within myself and others an effort to shift from focusing on ourselves as individuals to helping those around us and in doing so create a more supportive and inclusive community.


Leicester member


Jo's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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As an experienced practitioner having worked for a number of charitable organisations supporting victims of domestic violence, I have knowledge and understanding of various societal issues, ranging from those affecting the individual, to those impacting upon whole communities. I also have insight into the current struggles faced by organisations within the charitable and public sectors.

Within my role I also develop and deliver training to a range of professionals, so I have knowledge and experience around how to effectively communicate information.

My passion at present is in how we as a society can move from becoming ever increasingly self-focused, to finding the worth in helping others and developing supportive, tolerant and sustainable communities.

I also love putting the world to rights over a good meal and a few drinks and meeting likeminded folk!

Part of the movement for 7 years

June 2014

  • Attended a social in Leicester on Tuesday 3rd