Johan Grobler

My job is soleless and I dont feel Im helping the world in any way by doing it. I dont hate it and it allows me a good life style but I want to add more to the world than just money and carbon :) I have a young family and I want the wold to be more like it was not the way its heading :) I dont know how much I can add but even a bit will help.


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Johan's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Code

15 years enterprise level software design and development. Some insight into other cultures as Ive traveled a bit and lived in a few countries as an expat (Saudi, denmark, Oz).
Im very interested in fitness and out door challenges. I love doing triathlons and some ultra distance events. Very open minded and I would love to help. I would say my best work related skill is problem solving.

Part of the movement for 7 years