Jonathan Baldwin

I believe in helping others in whatever ways we can. Giving money isn't enough. Giving talent, skills and knowledge can be far more valuable. An hour of your time? Worth £30, £40? More than most people give to charity in a lifetime, that.


Cambridge member


Jonathan's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design

My manifesto is make, test, improve, repeat. You'll never know if something works unless you try.

I taught design at university for years, and have skills in marketing and advertising, graphic and web design, "design thinking" (which is user-centred design) and service design (which is also user-centered design).
Also good at writing (wrote a book!) and interested in using gamification for engagement.
I can code a little bit - but know enough to be able to nod knowledgeably when others are talking about it.

Part of the movement for 10 years