Kim Huynh

I want to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit: this is a great opportunity to do amazing work in a dynamic, fast-paced situation with a group of really smart people. Will I be as good as others? Can I contribute? Will we come up with something that's actually good and effective? Will I be able to connect rather than shying away?.. That's scary, but exciting at the same time. Challenging myself and also doing some good, that sounds amazing.


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Kim's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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Hi! I'm a bit of a generalist, with 7 years experience in strategy, digital (website management, UX, social, content, ads,..). I'm good for doing research, coming up with creative ideas, different perspectives, and critical questions. I believe a good strategy is built from insights and grounded in a human story. Interests: I like reading & recently finished 442 books in 3 years - so basically if you need some trivia, I'm your girl.

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March 2019