Larissa Ferreira Vaz Yoshiura

I believe the world we live in, along with all its elements, is the result of all the energy we dedicate to it. If it's good energy, the outcomes will be positive. We already have a lot of bad things going on, and negative energy floating in our atmosphere, permeating our society. If change is inevitable, let's influence it positively so we all can produce better outcomes and live healthier and happier lives.


New York member


Larissa's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Do

My colleagues often say I have very good analytical skills, that I can see the big picture while paying attention to details, connecting the dots easily. I'm a natural planner, who helps the team finding clarity and move forward, while striving to deliver the best quality possible. Project management is definetely one of my passions. Besides that, I'm a food lover (REAL FOOD). I am also an enthusiastic dancer who identifies a lot with warming and welcoming cultures such as those from Latin America. I also have a 'thing' for technology. As I've always worked with Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Apps Development, I might not know how advanced coding, but I feel comfortable looking at a SQL DataBases and basic HTML/PHP. I'm not a formal designer, but I love to arrange things beautifully, and sometimes I can be pretty good at it!

Part of the movement for 7 years

May 2016