Lucy Conway


Living on a small community owned and managed scottish island (eigg) that is powered by our own renewable grid and which manages its resources as sustainably as possible I can offer urban and rural projects advice, unique perspective & expertise.

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community, sustainability and creative project development.
I'm Founder / director of Eigg box on the beautiful iSLE OF eIGG, one of the Small Isles in the West of Scotland. eigg box is a place for people to make and do, away from the hubbub of the city.

We provide space to focus on your project: it could be anything - a book, an album, a film, a new web software project, the design of a new building, or a collaboration with the craftspeople and artisans of Eigg.

You'll be provided with space and access to fast internet, help with travel arrangements and accommodation, stunning scenery and just the right balance between remote and connected to enable focus and productivity in equal measure.

By 2014, building work will be complete on our new "home" - a set of purpose-built workshop, studio, production spaces overlooking the beautiful wind-swept bay of the island. Available to visitors and islanders alike this will provide a valuable professional environment for making and doing.

Part of the movement for 11 years