Mariam Mahmoudi


I've always thought in design it should be a team effort and this organisation seems to create that. I like creating with people who get a buzz out of it not just for making money. Also I want to do Good for Nothing because I do it anyway - would be good to share the experience with other Good for Nothings.

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Mariam's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

I studied furniture design and still work within this industry. I work with many computer programs (who hasn't) and have also worked as a furniture maker for 2 years. So I'm not shy in getting my hands dirty. I also have experience as a set builder, have done some Art direction for commercials. I know a lot about constructing furniture and am very enthusatic (but not in a scary way).

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September 2018

October 2012

  • Attended a social in London on Wednesday 24th