I am passionate about helping humanity make the transition toward a more sustainable and socially equitable way of living. I have a strong professional background in business development and am currently studying a Masters of Environments. I wish to dedicate my time, energy, skills and knowledge to this area and this will be an excellent opportunity to start.


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My background as a Business Development Manager demonstrates my acumen in sales and relationship management. Having lived and worked all over the world (Japan, France, Singapore, Australia), I will be able to offer unique perspectives and insights which will help generate innovative solutions and ideas for my team.
I take pride in my interpersonal and communication skills and believe they are valuable assets. I am an engaging, confident and easy to understand in presentations (I gave many sales pitches, industry presentations etc). I really enjoy interacting with people, picking up on their behavioral ques, and understanding their perspectives.
I am clear about what I value in life, think for myself, and don't believe in blindly following the norm. I look forward to challenges as excellent opportunities to learn, and my optimism helps me overcome difficulties.
I am passionate about helping humanity make the transition toward a more sustainable way of living and want to dedicate my time and energy to this area. Thus, I left my job with a technology firm in France and moved back to Melbourne this year to start studying a Masters of Environments. This semester, I am enjoying learning about renewable energy technologies and hope to gain some practical work experience in renewables.
My other interests include dance (I was a professional dancer briefly in France when I was younger), chocolate making, and yoga.

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