-To work on projects that get me to think differently -To work alongside passionate, creative and talented folk -To share my unique combination of skills and education and help bring challenging and exciting projects to life


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Nashi's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Management Marketing. And through with this combinations I have developed and executed marketing campaigns and strategies for a design-lead companies for the past 4 years.
I had a 2-year stint working as a research assistant on a psychology study and I am passionate about consumer behaviour and understanding how people make decisions.
Since May this year, I have worked in higher education, designing courses and their marketing strategies, conducting market scans and executing omni-channel marketing campaigns and events.
I love thinking about the different types of interactions a customer has with a brand or initiative and making sure each one of them is memorable in the best way possible.
In a nutshell I:
-develop data-driven marketing strategies
-love working alongside creatives to bring campaigns to life
-enjoy working using agile project management
-like to have a laugh and some good conversations while getting it all done

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November 2019