Nickala Torkington

I like to make things happen and am not afraid to get things moving that people say can't be done. I like to unlock potential in others, collaborate to get around challenges and find resources and time from nowhere.


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Nickala's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have a skill and habit of using strategic connections and links to everyday people on the street across public, private and public sector to create social change for the better. I've set up and helped directly sustain 4 social enterprises from concept, to resourcing, to delivery, to handing them back to their community. I've supported over 300 others to start up. I run a women supporting social enterprise network and have developed an innovative support model called Sounding Board Network (benefitting over 90 organisations) that people have thankfully been able to pinch and replicate! Demand for seemingly free peer to peer support is high. I work for a national charity that gives cash awards to support individuals to create the change they want to see and have worked in this sector for over 12 years. Legal structures, social impact, business planning from start up to growth, resourcing social ventures and building infrastructure to support social entrepreneurs to thrive have been in my DNA for some time.

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