Noël Theodosiou


I want to do "good for nothing" because I am finding I prefer to do "good for nothing" than "great for money"! I already spend a lot of time doing "good for nothing" things - I am a Board Director for the Walden School (a non-profit music program for creative people); I co-founded Candied Thinking (a women's initiative focused on conversation to lead to social impact) and I am working pro-bono with a tech-start-up to help them create a brand and vision. I like the idea of bringing people together in sessions to do good - a mix of people brought together can have multiple and domino impact. And... I guess I want to do more "good for nothing" things!

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Noël's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

social and commercial sensitivity; non-profit and for-profit experience (balance); strategic planning, visioning, brand development and brand governance

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