Penny East

Writer. Loves a good problem. I work on media/marketing/digital campaigns for non-profits. I'm really excited at prospect of taking on new challenges with GFN and having that little bit more freedom to problem solve and get creative. I enjoy nattering about the world and its challenges over tea, coffee or a pint. Depending on time of day :) If I can't find someone to listen, tend to write it down and try to find someone to read it! Sometimes I succeed.


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Penny's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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Trained as a journalist. Keen writer. Work as Communications and Media Manager for Non-Profits. Specialise in campaigns, brand development, crisis PR, copywriting, interviewing...coming up with nifty names for stuff! All sorts. I love getting stuck into a new project, campaign or problem. Excitable.

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July 2013

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