Peter Watson


My wife and I really want to help people train their minds in meditation and mindfulness techniques. We only returned a couple of years ago from 7 years training in the States. We have a growing number of practitioners training with us in London and on-line, with some excellent testimonials, but we're finding it hard to reach more people and at the same time have some kind of an income. There is so much involved in setting up a charity, a web site and social media presence, and to be honest, my wife and I would love some help. And we would love to give what we can to the Good for Nothing community - we can provide meditation and mindfulness training for free, perhaps as part of a gig. We're looking forward to being a part of the Good for Nothing community.


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I have eleven years training in various meditation and mindfulness techniques, my wife has twenty two. We now teach Complete Concentration & Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness Based Therapy as part of a series of eight week courses. Our organisation,, is in the process of becoming a charity. We want young people, community leaders, and those with mental health concerns to have the opportunity to train their minds, just as they might have the opportunity to train their bodies. And we so much want to provide a much better alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
I am a writer as well as an ex-actor. I love collaboration and brain storming.

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