I feel I have been very lucky in the experiences and opportunities I have had in my areas of interest and would really like to give back using the skills I have learned. I think one of the biggest hurdles to social innovation and getting cool ideas off the ground is actually enabling people to create what they come up with and as someone who loves building things, I would love to help out!

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A love of all things tech and computing. More specifically web design and development. Currently use Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python to come up with snazzy things web-related. Experience with HTML, CSS Javascript etc. Most importantly load of *enthusiasm* and perseverance! Never been accused of giving up on a project, once I'm hooked on something I keep at it till it works!

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May 2012

  • Attended the Open Labs gig in London on Friday 18th

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  • Attended the Make / Time gig in London on Thursday 29th

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