Prof. Charles Stirton

Since retirement, I have been mentoring young scientists and early career academics and encouraging young entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. I like the Good for Nothing approach to start-ups and am really against the Apprentice and Dragon's Den styles of fostering talent!!!!!!! It is time for a new community originating story to replace Keynesian economics and Neoliberal economic approaches.


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Prof.'S 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I am a botanist and business person interested in plants, insects, life’s journey, nature, landscapes, agriculture, gardening, rare breeds, arts, poetry, history, philosophy, anthropology, comparative religion, cultures, and futures thinking.

I believe that there is an urgent challenge for humanity to establish an economically prudent, environmentally sustainable, socially just, socially responsible, and spiritually fulfilling presence on the planet in a spirit of aligned interest as a new guiding principle for our time. We can do this by reflecting more on the importance of abundance, diversity, context, enquiry, love, possibility, quality, respect, reciprocity, raillery, dialogue, and relationships. I adopt a wellbeing and post-post-modern approach to life and business (http://chstirton.wordpress.com/) and support innovation, aligned interest, and co-creativity.

My skills set includes public speaking, creativity, futures thinking, strategic planning and business building.

Part of the movement for 5 years

September 2018

  • Attended a social in Bath on Thursday 27th

March 2018

  • Attended a social in Bath on Thursday 15th