I love meeting new folk and solving problems. My work so far has let me do some great things but nothing that directly makes a positive change in the world. By helping being good for nothing maybe I'll help a few people directly for a change.


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Rachel's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I'm an ex- award nominated Journalist - Known for breaking into prisons and getting past security at airports...And very experienced award winning advertising/marketing pro. I like to make things happen and love it when people say 'that's impossible' as I go out of my way to show it is possible.
I've worked in newspapers and magazines, on large scale roadshow events for the Olympics, experiential amazingness and through the line campaigns generating a global reach. Hopefully I'll be able to help others with that up my sleeve. Plus I'm looking for help with my new project too and need some technical wizardry!
In my spare time I enjoy climbing things (rocks and trees mostly), socialising, arty stuff like photography, theater, art galleries etc and love meeting new people both here and travelling.

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