Roberto Acuña Ávalos

I feel my country is small and could learn more in other countries. I also want to learn to speak English, only 50% know how. Also, I think I would share what I've learned in my work and others could teach what they have learned. I think I am a creative person who could work to develop projects and I know that I can get along with Geten, working as a team. Also, I love to have the experience of living outside my country.


costa rica member


Roberto's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Code

I have worked on websites to develop stories . I have focused on how we can tell stories and how we can convey messages in an easy to understand and at the same time is fun . I have worked as a journalist, but I also work in a department of audiovisual production , teaming with designers, animators , producers and journalists. Also, I love music and I love producing events. I worked independently organizing music events and have also worked in the production of arts festivals .
I believe in teamwork and is one of the things I enjoy doing . 'm Loving brainstorming and I think that the more diversity of personalities and intelligences , the results are more striking . I am of the people I like to learn from others , like a sponge extract all the knowledge of my friends, but I also like to share what I 've learned with people who want to learn.

Part of the movement for 9 years