Severine Lee

Like minded people can do great things when working together without the constraint of financial gain. They can challenge ideas, de-construct corporate chaos, creatively solve problems all of this with people and the planet in mind. I love the idea of this collaborative practice. It is a fantastic organic and holistic way to learn, teach, grow, progress and support our local communities.


Perth crew


Severine's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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Interests: Sustainability, Community Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Arts, Teaching, Environmental protection, Social Justice.

Talents: Entrepreneurship and business management, Developing creative ideas, Behavioural Management, Differentiation, Mentoring, Teaching, Coaching, Event Management , Team Building.

Part of the movement for 11 years

March 2018

  • Helped organise a social in Perth on Saturday 17th

February 2014

  • Helped organise a social in Perth on Friday 28th

December 2013

  • Helped organise a social in Perth on Thursday 12th

June 2012