Steven Champion


I am a: Hustler (incite passion within others and lead teams). My mid-to-long term goal is to: Build a social enterprise that connects London's youth with the largest digital economy in the world (yes, that's right, the UK has the largest digital economy in the world which currently accounts for 10% of our GDP). In the short-term: I pay may well as a youth mentoring, training and engagement consultant working with youth organisations, education institutions and companies in London.


London member


Steven's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design

Skills: Inciting passion; leading teams; project management; 'Theory of Change' mapping; Digital Marketing; PR; conceiving ideas and converting them to reality frightening quickly ( I scare myself sometimes), acting (not faking it and bravado, but a professionally trained stage actor!)

Knowledge: I have a duel immersion in 1) the messy world of education including Careers Education Careers Advice & Guidance (CEIAG), Work Related Learning (WRL) and pre-NEET interventions and 2) the tech & social enterprise start-up world.

Attributes; disarmingly charming (I've learnt it can help), public speaking, high energy, enjoy reading publications and white papers; geek.

Part of the movement for 10 years

November 2013

  • Attended a social in London on Wednesday 13th

January 2013