I believe in giving back. Since I have been given the opportunity to have an education, as many unfortunate youths who may be not so lucky, it's only fitting I do whatever I can to make that difference, and lead the way for others to follow. I believe this is achieved by doing a good job to begin with for nothing, no recognition or praise required because it's that feeling of personal satisfaction knowing that something amazing was created together for a better outcome, a better world, and no amount of money can buy that.


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Hi, my current background is in telecommunications engineering. I have a technical mindset approach to challenges and try to find simple yet innovative solutions for the objective/s set. One of my passions (from many) is that I love to understand about Universal expansion as this is one topic that continues to amaze me every time I learn something new and beginning to better understand our place in the Universe. You could say I am a bit of an amateur astronomer. Recently acquired a new telescope and I can't get enough of it !
I have an intermediate to advance working knowledge of windows operating systems and can program exchanges comfortably. I grew up with electronics, can build integrated circuits from a plan with ease and comfortable around electricity and could be categorised as a technophiles by my friends. Love gadgets !
I like meeting new people and discovering their
passions for design and innovation and interests alike. I am easy going with a fun adaptive attitude to get the job done whether it be unaided or through a team effort. I prefer to work in a team which I believe gives a better overall experience to building something together. Not shy of a mic, I can get up in front of an audience and perform public speaking services. Many more wonderful facts about me will be revealed in time :)

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