Tatiana Owen

I spend so much of my time selling pointless products and brands to people who don't care about them (and for good reason!). I love being able to contribute to organisations and causes that matter and that help people. I also would love to meet some like-minded people from my industry and gain exposure to how different kinds of people work together in this kind of a situation. I think all around it would be a highly rewarding experience for me and one that I would very much like to have.


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I am a mid-weight creative strategist. I currently work for a social content agency but I also have experience in ATL and BTL ad campaigns, so I can do it all. I also have experience working on sets as a producer (my side hustle) and have been known to have a good eye for design since I have a background in the art world and come from a family of artists. I love giving back and will absolutely use everything at my disposal to help!

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  • Attended the Homeful gig in London on Wednesday 24th