Trisangma Watson


I love the good for nothing ethos of using your powers for good. What my husband and I can offer is quite different to most of the rest of the good for nothing community, in that we teach mental training skills. One of the things we're hoping is that the good for nothing community might be able to help us gain a broader reach. Having said that, we would love to offer our services free to the community, maybe at one of the day long gigs. Even just 15-20 minutes dipping in to mindfulness could refresh everybody's minds, letting them come back with a bigger perspective and new ideas.


London Camden member


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I teach secular concentration and mindfulness with my husband. There's a quite broad spectrum of application for the skill set we teach. People come to us for reasons ranging from wanting to deal with anxiety, depression and alcohol addiction to wanting to increase creativity. Training in concentration and mindfulness can help with all these things. So many of the challenges that a modern urban dweller faces every day can be mitigated or even eliminated through learning to train his or her mind. I'm keen to help as many people as possible learn these core mental training skills.

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October 2014

  • Attended a social in London on Thursday 30th