Nothing Works

Unprecedented times need radical new approaches

Nothing Works is a convening, catalysing and mobilising unit - a not for profit, we work to accelerate system shifts through radical collaboration, co-creation , transformational experience, and mass participation.

We don’t seek to solve an ‘organisational problem’, we seek partners, collaborators and funders to join us in finding ways to solve the wicked problems in our society and culture by co-creating the new solutions, stories and systems with people. Creating spaces, conditions and opportunities for radical collaboration and transformational shifts to happen.

We are born from the Good for Nothing experiment, launched 9 years ago, a growing global movement of skilled professionals, social and environmental innovators and change makers who gift their time, energy, ideas, skills and influence to support environmental and social change projects through accelerated open design processes and challenge based approaches using tools, formats and learnings which the co-founders have continued to develop since its launch.

Good for Nothing has hatched campaigns, platforms, products, films, movements, cross sector collaborations and mobilisation networks and supported thousands of individuals and communities on rapid learning journeys in pursuit of a more beautiful world.

Nothing Works in 3 different ways


Catalysing creative, collaborative action across networks and industries to respond to urgent systemic issues.


Bringing leaders together to collectively and intentionally build inner capacity, support, courage and uncertainty scaffolding to accelerate new and pressing system shifts.


Catalysing local action, resilience programs, capacity building and community co-creation as a co-design and mentoring interface for local chapter communities.

We are inspired by the Great Turning work of Joanna Macy: To develop rapid actions which halt the destruction of our world and to creatively re-imagine and redesign the new systems and structures in a life sustaining, regenerative way.

We are highly experienced co-designers, practitioners and leaders from design, communications, innovation, activism, learning, venturing and social business backgrounds.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you are interested to learn more.