Musings on Good for Nothing

Pitch opportunity from Here Now: a better world for everyone


The lovely folks at Here Now have an open call for pitches for a brilliant idea to help shift the narrative of climate and clean energy. The deadline is Fri Aug 14 so get your skates on! And if you really can't make the date but have an ace idea, it might be worth pinging them anyway...

Dear Everyone who made GFNnotts happen ...


It is taking me a while to process and appreciate everything …. I marvel that busy people with busy lives gave up their valuable time to help Pulp Friction move forward.

Why you should be at the next GFNnotts hack


We believe that giving the right support, and by raising the profile of people with learning disabilities within their own communities so much more can be achieved. A had all this latent potential inside her, what we at Pulp Friction do is create the right environment, programme and relationships for people to flourish and we want to grow so that we can do it for more people.......

A Story That Must Be Told


It's meant everything to be supported by the GFN'ers not least because it propelled me to greater achievements (and Super Kitchen is only beginning...) but also it bolstered me with a rock solid belief that what I was doing was good stuff.

Pulp Friction - Our Story


Pulp Friction is so much more than a small successful business, it offers a community where friendships can grow, people can flourish and ambitions can be achieved

Big Chip Nominees

Good for Nothing is a worldwide network of talented people coming together and working on groundbreaking projects. Cool huh? Well the Big Chip thought so.

What is Good For Nothing in Leicester?


Put simply, Good For Nothing is people giving whatever they can to support a worthy and worthwhile cause in their city. It’s a chance to support a local charity or social enterprise with something more valuable than your chequebook – that’s right with your time and effort.

Road Peace & Hacking in Chester


I don't want to go shopping every weekend and I don't think that meetings, minutes and agendas are the way to increase fairness, fun and freedom in our society. I do like technology and creativity.

Free fall


With just a few days to go I thought I’d scribble down why I decided to bring Good for Nothing to Nottingham. I’m no great writer but really thinking about GFN Nottingham has given me that ‘goose bumps’, ‘butterflies in your tummy’, ‘shivers down your spine’ kind of feeling. In fact it’s reminded me of when I was sat in an aeroplane, 12,000ft above the ground waiting do a skydive …. bloody excited but hoping to billy-oh that the parachute was going to open.

Good for Nothing at Photolink


When Rachel and I attended Camp Nothing, our employers (that sounds a bit dry - they’re more like family. OK, that’s really cheesy. Good. I’ve set the tone of the post) Photolink Creative Group funded our train fares and kindly allowed us time off to travel to the camp.

They wanted to contribute to the cause, but Rach and I thought that maybe Good for Nothing could give back to the organisation. So we wanted to try something. We rounded up 30 enthusiastic and slightly confused staff members from Photolink and sister company Hungry Tiger and herded them into one of our studio spaces on a Friday for five hours.

Trip report: Colchester’s first GFN Social


And so the day we’d been waiting for finally arrived. Last Thursday the Colchester chapter of Good For Nothing opened its doors for the very first time and welcomed twenty-five or so eager, inquisitive and (in some cases) confused GFN-ers-to-be into the St Botolph’s Waiting Room.

We all love gigs, especially with Gigbuddies...


Gigs have the power to evoke emotions, bring people together and be a whole lot of fun. Gig Buddies enables people with learning disabilities to go to gigs too by matching them up with volunteers who love the same kind of music - even if you are into 70s glam rock, they can find you a buddy!

The Apprentice Without The W*nkers


One sweet weekend a short while ago, the Brighton GFN community were introduced to the team at PricePie. PricePie are on a mission to help us make informed decisions about what we are buying and that everyone receives their fair share of the impressive organisation to follow...

Year Here, well and truly Good For Nothing’d!


Year Here are about transformative experiences igniting social purpose and the drive to see it through. As one of the main venture focuses at Camp Nothing, they didn't know what they were in for. Yet Indie, one of their fellows, does a fantastic job at trying to describe a Good for Nothing experience as a venture...

Fancy a mushroom with your coffee?


As part of the first Brighton Good for Nothing gig, two brothers from the Espresso Mushroom Company enlisted some GFN community awesomeness to tackle a challenge or two! Espresso Mushroom started in January 2012 after discovering one could upcycle used coffee grounds to grow delicious oyster mushrooms...yum!

Camp Nothing We Salute You // Let's go and make it happen


We’ve been finding the re-entry back into the constructed world quite tough after what was a beautifully cosmic Camp Nothing of epic proportions last weekend in deepest Norfolk.

We were literally speechless on Sunday evening and that was before the cider came out.

So where to start really?

Good for Nothing in a Pub with Po-Zu

A lovely wee film capturing a great night with the blooming marvellous Po-Zu shoes. Good for Nothing in a pub is a fine way for a bunch of creatively minded soulful strangers to make good shit happen, and drink beer.

Introducing Camp Nothing


We are inviting applications from the smartest, creative, most resourceful, soulful do-ers, dreamers and change makers from 15 UK cities to head up and grow GFN in their communities.

We’re looking for 2 to 3 folk from each place covering the span of backgrounds and local networks that we know makes Good for Nothing go off - social business, innovation, sustainability, communications, design and technology.

You don’t need to know each other, but it’s fine if you do.

You’ll join us for a 48 hour weekend of doing, making, learning and mentoring from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September.

Reflections from We are NANA on Good for Nothing in a Pub


The 12th of February saw the first 'GFN in a pub' and we were very proud to be the guineapig partner. We are NANA.

We've been piloting our concept of a comfort food cafe in Hackney since November and have got to a stage where the day to day running is less hectic and wecould do with some real expertise.

In a nutshell NANA is a comfort food cafe run by older ladies from the local area.

Good For Nothing Brighton #winterwarmer


When we jokingly gave the event the name #winterwarmer nobody quite envisioned the blizzard conditions that we experienced over the weekend. Thankfully it takes more than a bit of snow to stop us and we were given a warm welcome at the brand spanking new offices of Brighton social business pioneers Nixon McInnes.

What we did for Only Connect at #FutureYouth


Only Connect is a crime prevention charity working in London with prisoners, ex-offenders and at-risk youth. Their five key programmes offer support at every point in the crime cycle in order to reduce offending. The key challenge is to communicate their purpose & broad mission more effectively to members, potential corporate partners and the wider public.

What we did for Discoverables at #FutureYouth


With the launch only a few days away, their biggest challenge was to spread it and get as many young people and employers registered and using it. They needed specific support to develop a communications strategy for both young people & employers, build a critical mass of users and develop ideas to help make Discoverables self-sustaining.

What we did for Cultivate London at #FutureYouth


The main challenge was to increase their funding as well as the sales of plants & crops they produce to be able to support the expansion of their apprentice program. Cultivate London was the largest team gathered for the weekend, there was a fantastic energy and drive amongst them to make a significant contribution to this social enterprise.

Future Youth Weekend


January’s Good for Nothing gig focused on Future Youth and the challenges that they face today. The gig was held at the impressive Forward Foundation in Camden, the ideal setting for thinking, ideas and turbo-charged doing. 60 awesome doers came together for a weekend bursting with energy for 3 youth ventures we supported; Cultivate London, Discoverables and Only Connect.

Intern position at Good for Nothing


We are looking for a creative, reliable and enthusiastic intern to help us set up and run our next Good for Nothing gig in late January. This is a great opportunity to be part of the team that runs this exciting creative collaboration event.

Made in Lambeth - the Film


A film we made introducing Made in Lambeth, a programme we ran in collaboration with Lambeth Council.

Future Youth - looking for ventures for our January gig


Whichever way you look at it young people are the future. Whether that means caring for our fragile, creaking biosphere or looking after us older peeps in our twilight years, the young folk are the ones that really matter. So if they are so vital, why are they getting such a rough deal right now?

Good for Nothing bring the birds and the bees back to Chester


We had a chance to catch up with Steve Hughes, founder of the Chester SuperTrees project, since our last hack, and we thought we’d update you all on how our member's fantastic hard work has made this amazing biodiversity venture even more of a reality...

#OccupyBlueMonday - the impact 9 months on


We often get asked how the work that gets produced at our gigs impacts the ventures we support in the long term. Increasingly we're seeing small teams come together post-gig to finish off work and generally stay involved with the venture.

Good for Nothing Mission 2013


We’ve been reflecting how we can best increase the positive impacts of the collaborations and efforts of the community. When we look around, there’s a tonne of stuff that needs fixing urgently, very little that we depend on is fit for purpose and if you dig a bit deeper into the systemic nature of stuff, it's deeply worrying.

Supporting Young Lambeth Cooperative at Made in Lambeth


The weekend of the 13th and 14th October saw Good for Nothing bring a whole host of community members together to the ‘Made in Lambeth event’, including young people, with one common aim; to help the Young Lambeth coop (YLC) project to solve it’s ‘challenge’; how to communicate more effectively and widen its membership base.

Support Project Wild Thing Kickstarter campaign


Filmmaker and self-appointed marketing director for nature David Bond needs your help as he & the Green Lions team shoot the final scenes of Project Wild Thing and edit it to bring it all together.

#MadeinLambeth 2 - What was made


After the success of the first Made in Lambeth back in June, it was time for a second round of supporting some of Lambeth Coop Council's innovative initiatives.

Project Wild Thing at the Natural Childhood Summit


Just over a week ago, we spent the day at the Natural Childhood Summit organised by the good folk at the National Trust. As part of our ongoing development of Project WildThing we joined a wonderfully diverse gathering of organisations and individuals all linked by one common thread...

Project Wild Thing - Will you pledge?


This is the last weekend of the Project Wild Thing campaign to get more people into nature, running until September 16th.

Venture drop-in before each social

We are always on the search for disruptive ventures to accelerate, so we have decided to have regular 'drop-ins' to meet them.

Rebuilding the high street - one loaf at a time.


One of the best things about doing Good for Nothing is that we get to meet amazing people who are leading the way in all things innovative in their communities.



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