50/50 about to enter fundraising phase - we need your help to make it go off

So after nearly 50 days, we have 43 projects and counting live or on the verge of going live - WOW!

It's been immense and the network of makers and creators that has emerged around the world is simply breathtaking - we are blown away by the passion, creativity and determination of everyone who has made time to get involved in this experiment.

And it is an experiment.

A hack into fundraising, out of which is emerging a virtual self organising slightly maverick disaster response network of connected and determined creative do-ers with heart and soul.

And who knows how that might evolve in the future.

But we're really back at the beginning now.

All these projects need supporters and backers, individuals and networks of friends to get behind them, participate in the ideas, spread them through their networks and of course donate.

These folk have worked like demons to get these projects made in their spare time - the least we can all do is get behind them.

Please have a look through the deck - find a project that you connect with and get involved. There really is something for everyone.

Sunday October 16th marks the UN's world food day. This is our official fundraising kickoff.

So we really need you to get involved again. Many of you have been on this journey, contributing and helping in so many brilliant ways.

But now is the time to ask for your support again. Please do help us get these projects rocking, and famine aid back in the minds of the world.

We may not seem a huge community but we are all connected, and if we all encouraged 10 friends and contacts to get involved and do the same then we could really make some impact.

And as Yoda said "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?"

The situation in East Africa is getting worse, though you wouldn't know because it's just not on the media or political agenda - 750,000 people are at serious risk of dying from starvation and an entire generation of children could be wiped out. Imagine that.

Here's an update from UNICEF who are the aid partner of 50/50 and will recieve 100% of donations from 50/50 projects.

Please do get behind a project.

Let's make it go right off.

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