50/50 Project - what happens next?

WOW. What a week since last weekend's gig. Tim over at Made by Many has posted a very thorough update of where the project is at and next steps. Please do take 10 minutes to have a read particularly if you want to make and run a project.

This is a quick update from our end.

The platform as Tim says is almost ready for first release and the diagram above shows how the platform and system of 50 projects or 50 little bets along with the donation and payment mechanisms will probably work.

The platform launches on Saturday 27th August and the challenge runs for 50 days until Sunday October 16th - which is World Food Day.

This whole thing is moving uber fast, faster than any of us at Good for Nothing have ever experienced and conversations are opening up literally all over the world. It's awesome and scary. Or scarily awesome.

One of the many challenges is around a donation mechanism(s) and api that can work globally along with collection agencies to support.

We've been aware from the word go that the East Africa crisis is not on the U.S media agenda and donations from the U.S have been very slow. So we're working closely with friends over there to see how we might start to change that.

Mirroring Tim's words we've been stoked by the response we're getting from agencies, media, aid organisations and more and also many awesome folk from the Good for Nothing community who continue to work remotely at all hours on everything from copy, design, communications material, film animation and more. Thank you, you all rock.

We have people getting in touch asking what they can do to help.

There are many ways...

Firstly if you think you have the skills and energy to make a project, again check Tims post for a more detailed brief, if you're an agency or a collective or an individual then please drop us a mail as soon as you can. We'll get your project up on the platform and start telling the world about it

If you want to get involved in a project, which may be joining and taking part in a challenge then start browsing the platform as it launches and projects become live. And again if you work with brands, media companies or large organisations think about how they could get involved in a project and get them involved.

And of course it is about raising urgent life saving funds, so we will need donations, to the platform or to individual projects. So again think about that from an individual, collective and corporate perspective. The more people who get involved in project challenges, joining in, participating, do-ing and do-nating (sorry), the better.

And finally help us spread the word, talk about it, blog about it, get behind it and get it into your networks. We'll have some film available in the next 48hrs as well as 50/50 social web channels/things which might help you to do that.

The success of 50/50 is utterly dependent on as many folk getting stuck in in some way and encouraging their friends and networks to do the same. It's a collaborative fundraising experiment. With a focus on doing.

Nearly 4 million people in East Africa are now seen to be at risk of death through starvation, and the crisis was described yesterday by the Turkish PM who's just visited the region as a 'litmus test for humanity' as he urged the West to do more.

So whatever you chose to do, do something.

If you want to start a project please get in touch as soon as possible or if you have thoughts or actions you can help with on any of the above, please do get in touch with me or Tom or Tim at Made by Many, we need all sorts of help.

dan[dot]burgess[at}pipelineideas.com and tom[dot]farrand[at}pipelineideas.com and tim[at]madebymany[dot]com

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