A summary of the D&AD Newblood gig ....50+ students, 4hrs, 3 briefs

Photos and images of the work done is here - lots of great stuff made in such a short space of time!

Rather than write our own words, here's what Mairead who attended from D&AD had to say about the super short-blast of turbo-charged doing...

D&AD Newblood did Good for Nothing

‘The Apprentice without the wankers’ – activities that are innovating design for social change. Tom & Tom, directors of ‘Good for Nothing’ created a high-energy zone for workshop participants to collaborate and explore identity, re-branding and communications for organizations aiming to ‘serve’ the community.

I was enthused by all the positive action happening in the workshop! Tom (I’m not sure which one) explained that by impassioning groups of people with skills to ‘do’ rather than 'strategize' leads them to strive for better things. An example is when building teams with no hierarchy, creative practitioners are become willing to explore more freely and move forward feeling empowered.

Good for Nothing not only curate collaborative gigs that bring together diverse groups of people. Tom & Tom place challenges on designers with skills, encouraging them to forget time restraints and volunteer for a good cause. There is an emphasis on self-organization; the workshop environment is less consensual than a normal office environment. So everybody involved is constantly re-learning how to do things and think freely.

Mairead Gillespie studied at the University of the West of England, completing a BA Honsin Graphic Design.

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