An urgent mission: East Africa Disaster Response...

Here's a challenge....

Are you fed up with hearing about the US debt crisis, the double-dip recession, the phone-hacking scandal whilst at the same time, one of the world's biggest humanitarian disasters is unfolding in East Africa?

If you, like us, feel things are a little out of whack here, then why not join us on a rapid and collaborative response to do something about it?

For those of you who haven’t come across us yet, Good for Nothing is a collective of thinkers, makers and doers; marketing maestros, kooky copywriters; web geeks and all manner of professional misfits. Up until now, we've made it our mission to give practical help to innovative grass roots causes. But now something much bigger has come along, and it is time to step things up several notches!

Right now, in East Africa a child is dying every six minutes, and fundraising to date is failing to keep up with the demands of the relief effort.

Our mission is to accelerate donations through finding new ways to disseminate the real-time ‘on the ground’ story, and to support this with some engaging yet simple ways for us all to act…it’s time for some innovation with purpose

Last week, prompted by the good people at Virgin Unite we put the call out to our network of thinkers and doers and have been inundated with kind offers of help - from space to work in, to home cooked food, to amazing contacts and of course the one critical ingredient for a good gig -> some decent tunes.

As a result of all this help, we are pleased to announce that a creative collaboration meets hack weekend is already in the diary for the 13th-14th August. T minus 9 days and counting!!

We are also thrilled to be teaming up on this with our friends at Made by Many. Not only have they assembled an army of volunteers to donate their time and experience to amplify the efforts, but they have also got things going already by getting Good By Ideas up and running - it's a really quick and easy way to capture the great ideas for money-raising mechanisms dreamed up by you all.

So, to help right away, just click here and post up your ideas on the following question:

"What can we do to plug the gap in donations by tapping into the creativity and energy of our amazing combined networks and skills as makers and community-builders?"

Your ideas will be moderated by public voting, and next week we will start working up a couple of the best suggestions over a series of evening workshops, and hopefully build a prototype. Watch this space for more news, and please tweet and contribute to Good by Ideas. We’re going with #famineaid and #goodfornothing as the hashtags...

More detail will follow on the event, the ideas as they’re evolving and the sort of skills we’ll need over the next 2 weeks to crack this. We've set up a working group here so please do sign-up and let us know how you can help. Even if the only thing you do is to watch this space and tell your friends when we’ve made something, that would be amazing…

So, with all that said, here we go! Good for Nothing in rapid response mode….open to all and powered by Made by Many..
And in case you are in need of a little pep talk, let's hand the mic over to master Yoda!

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