come join us to do some good for nothing on december 4th

It started out last year when a chat on twitter collided with a post do lectures high.

It was about the crazy money that gets spent on industry events.

Where smart folk sit and watch a fest of cerebral jousting.

Where super clever people fight it out in battles of the big kahunas and that.

We wondered what if there was an event which invited people to do stuff together?

With people who really need some help with live challenges.

And don't have money.

We wrote about it here

Well nearly one year on, some more births and one year of trading as a startup complete, we're doing it.

It's called good for nothing.

One day.

Some awesome causes.

An open space in EC1.

And hopefully a room full of lovely people.

Doing stuff.


For nothing.

3 live briefs.

They include running, kids, urban gardening, city business, elderly people, christmas, football and more.

8 hours.

We shall be posting the briefs and more details shortly.

Right now we're looking for people to attend.

We need strategists, developers, designers, creative sorts, hackers, photographers, writers, film makers, bloggers, getting stuff done folk and that's just for starters -  basically anyone that wants to get stuck in is welcome.

We'll feed and water everyone.

There'll be music

And laughter.

Maybe some dancing

You can register here

do join us

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