Creative Love Riot - Drinks & briefing friday night - please sign up

Wow, bonkers, stunned, dazed, upset and struggling to get our heads around the last few nights of rioting in London.

It’s difficult to focus with so much chaos and uncertainty in the city. But we’re also thinking of the millions of people and children in East Africa, displaced, starving and dying from famine and so the need to focus on our big mission this weekend.

And for that we need you.

This weekend we are going to try and create something awesome which hopefully can raise more awareness of the hellish suffering that people are experiencing in East Africa and increase donations to help the crisis.

There's been a load of ideas submitted to over the last few days and we're working with the awesome folk at Made by Many to start to develop some starters for 10 so we can hit the ground running at the weekend. Updates from Made By Many later on the status of those.

We are going to work creatively and collaboratively, with no egos or bullshit, we are going to make stuff happen, we are going to laugh, there’ll be music, food and drink.

But what we really need is you, because without the crowd, there is no good for nothing. We understand that this is last minute, that it’s a weekend,and that the vibe in London is fairly surreal right now.

But now more than ever is a time for us to show that we can come together and make great stuff happen, that seemingly intractable problems and fellow humans in need can be helped by a big dose of creative energy, empathy, imagination and a willingness to work openly together.

That small committed networks can inspire change.

You don’t have to commit your entire weekend, come to the drinks briefing on friday night for a couple of hours, listen to the mission and where we’re at, think about what you could do and then see if you can commit to a few hours on saturday and/or sunday to get stuck in and help make this happen. And even things that you can work on remotely.

Just sign up to the event below so we know how much beer we need to blag for friday night.

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