Drop in Do-er/Maker ticket

Over the last few months we've had a big run of Good for Nothings and have been learning loads about what makes a Good for Nothing gig go off.

As it spreads into new cities we're also keen to carry on the experimental approach.

One thing we recognise is that sometimes giving up a whole weekend to attend a Good for Nothing is hard.

We all have lots to do and if you have family and other commitments it can be tricky to give up 48hrs.

Alongside this we've also seen the impact that talented folk can make with just a few hours on a brief to help a social venture or enterprise - a developer can hack some code together quickly to prototype a web app, if some thinking and design has been done and some datasets exist.

A designer can quickly visualise a concept or bring to life an identity or piece of communications.

A good strategist can produce a punchy funding pitch in a couple of hours and so on.

We're also keen for Good for Nothing to feel like something you can drop into if you have a few hours and an appetite to make something for a cause. There are after all many ways to do Good for Nothing.

And I mean look what Steve and I made in two hours at WILDTHING...nuff said

Tree house vid from Good for Nothing on Vimeo.

So from now on we're going to also offer a number of Drop in Do-er/Maker tickets. If you can only make one day or even half a day, these are for you.

But they are there for do-ers. Come and get stuck in, use your skills to help create and make something useful.

We're going to test these with the ShipShape gig in Bristol on the weekend of 20th July

There's nothing quite like the rollercoaster experience of doing the 48hr Good for Nothing.

But if you're a maker with very limited time but are curious about getting a hit of Good for Nothing, this one's for you, we hope to see you soon.

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