Ecclesiastical DID Good for Nothing!

The dust has just about settled after the tremendous efforts from everyone involved at the first creative collaboration gig with Ecclesiastical and Good for Nothing. Here's just a quick update with a few words and pictures on what was achieved for each of the local causes Young Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Young Carers and Cotswold Care Hospice

The challenge, in a nutshell

The format of the gig was simple. Take 50 people from the Ecclesiastical and Good for Nothing networks, 3 briefs from 3 amazing Gloucestershire-based charities, a rapid, collaborative way of working, and a big deadline and see what happens. The big question on everyone's minds was just how much could we do to help these charities on their specific briefs in just 48 hours....?

So what was achieved?

In short, a HUGE amount. It was quite astonishing, even breath-taking just quite how much amazing work the teams presented at the end.

In fact, they did a lot more than we can do justice to here but it's fair to say that the outputs completely surpassed everyone's expectations - not least of which the charities who seemed pretty blown away by what a small but caring and committed team of experts managed to deliver in such a short space of time.

Look out for the details of the work done for each cause over the coming days..... in the meantime, here's a taster of what happened to get things going

A picture paints a thousand words....

Chris from Scriberia brilliantly brought the whole event to life for each of the charities - telling the story of what each team achieved over the 2 days...

1. Young Gloucestershire

Against a brief of building a stronger position in the corporate fundraising market, the team went into overdrive ...

  1. Building a database of local corporates and started approaching them with fundraising pitches, including heading out to the local UCAS offices and arranging a meeting with their marketing director this week!

  2. Creating a new set of pitch materials: filming and editing a set of new promotional videos featuring the stories of the young people who'd attended and worked with the team during the event, writing a presentation and supporting leaflets for funding proposals, creating a new set of brand illustrations and templates for documentation, and designing and building a new HTML newsletter

  3. Building an interactive online map of the county showing the locations of Young Gloucester's network of youth clubs, drop-in centres and other locations

2. Gloucestershire Young Carers

With the dual challenge of harnessing social marketing to grow awareness of the charity whilst protecting the safety of their young carers in the process, this team had a lot to do. Which they accomplished with aplomb....

  1. Designing a new look and feel for the brand and the website, reflecting the young carers outlook and energy

  2. Building a single new Wordpress-based website integrating their current young carers site and the corporate site, including a Young Carers 'GYC' blog based on Tumblr and secure discussion forum for the Young Carers to use safely for their conversations with each other

  3. Creating a presentation for their board on the use of social marketing and the various social networking tools as they apply to the charity to help them understand the benefits and risks of taking this approach

  4. Making a set of detailed 'how to' guides on using the new site and various tools, and committing to a follow-up training session to go through these with the people from the charity, and the young carers

3. Cotswold Care

Set the challenge of finding a way to tell the story of the hospice more powerfully as well as boosting long-term support from the local community, the team had a tough nut to crack. Here's what they did....

  1.  Updated the brand identity with a new logo and translated that into a set of simple designs to use across their shops - as well as writing a new manifesto for the brand and designing a new marketing leaflet

  2. Did research with nearly 200 people doing the local Midnight Walk on the Friday night to understand their interest and potential benefits for a 'Friends of Cotswold Care' membership scheme, and based on that developed a proposal and set of ideas for making it happen

  3. Created materials to promote the Hospice's state of the art meeting rooms - a new way to engage the local business community - and developed a range of ideas to help promote the Hospice next year during their 25th year anniversary

All's well that ends well...

The event ended with a very happy, tired but fulfilled team of people who'd given their all to help each of the causes. We'll be hearing more from the people involved shortly but this tweet from Becky Hanman pretty fairly reflects the mood we all shared as we wrapped things up...

 "Can't believe how much has been achieved in 2 days #gfnglos. Huge thanks to everyone involved and @g00dfornothing. It's been emotional!"
Finally, here's some great photos of the action unfolding, collaboratively sourced from Becky Hanman, Anouk van der Eijnde, Stephen King and Tom this space for the film and newspaper of the whole gig!

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