FoodCycle's Good for Nothing challenge...

Love food, hate waste? Want to help an exciting young social venture have more impact by using food to (re)build community?

Here’s the brief for FoodCycle that a team will get to play with over the weekend of May 21-22. Just a short video to watch, and more details in the PDF. As ever with GFN, we’re not ruling out other nice stuff that people might want to create above and beyond this….

Sign-up here to attend

If you want to start sharing potential ideas, upload interesting data or ask any questions ahead of the event, join this group here – doesn’t matter if you end up working on the brief or not, we’d love you to get involved.

They're also going to help feed us all.

Exciting innit?

FoodCycle's Good for Nothing challenge from The Pipeline Project on Vimeo.

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