Good for Nothing at Photolink

When Rachel and I attended Camp Nothing, our employers (that sounds a bit dry - they’re more like family. OK, that’s really cheesy. Good. I’ve set the tone of the post) Photolink Creative Group funded our train fares and kindly allowed us time off to travel to the camp.

They wanted to contribute to the cause, but Rach and I thought that maybe Good for Nothing could give back to the organisation. So we wanted to try something. We rounded up 30 enthusiastic and slightly confused staff members from Photolink and sister company Hungry Tiger and herded them into one of our studio spaces on a Friday for five hours.

Social enterprise, Mon Ami and local charity George House Trust presented their briefs to Photolink and at 1pm, when pizza arrived we left them to it.

It was scary at first. Our first Good for Nothing. What was going to happen? And with people we work with everyday. What if it went wrong? What if people hated it? AND WHY AREN’T THEY SELF ORGANISING!

Within 30 minutes, all of our fears were alluded, with people forming groups and working on the briefs, within two hours, the room was empty. People had gone to buy and redirect domain names, design website assets, create business plans and conduct impromptu photoshoots. People were actually running!

By the time the presentations came around, everyone was buzzing. Our Group Creative Director John Whalley watched the final presentations, and was impressed. he said “Days like the recent GFN day perfectly demonstrate the enormous power of a free flowing creative process. There is much the commercial world can learn from the outcomes of an uninhibited creative team completely focused on a worthy cause”

The amount and quality of work achieved by Photolink staff was incredible. they showed so much initiative and there were almost tears. It did what we wanted, it shook up our working processes, people worked across departments they wouldn’t usually work with, the brief’s were more open than a usual client brief. Usual office hierarchy was also suspended.

"Good for Nothing was a brilliant opportunity to work with a collective bunch of people with an end goal of creating sustainable content for well deserving organisations. It took us out of our comfort zone as we got to explore the answer to a brief in a way we wouldn't usually be able to due to the nature of the business environment. I will be taking things I've learnt back to the workplace." Amy Coxhead, Account Manager at Photolink

“I had a really great day and feel that I’ve learned so much about how to do things like this in the future,” said Susie from the George House Trust. “I’m really looking forward to receiving the assets from you guys and hopefully it will help us to sell more of our lovely calendars and get our website looking ace.”

Carla from Mon Ami said, “What an AMAZING day. The group accomplished what the brief had intended and much more. I can’t thank everyone enough for what was achieved that afternoon in helping the company start out on the right footing!”

So thank you Susie and Carla, we learnt a lot about ourselves and loved working on solving some of your problems.

We’re running another event at Photolink on Saturday 30th November, but this time, it’s not just for Photolink. More details on our next Good For Nothing event here.


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