Good for Nothing comes to Cambridge: Seeking Ventures!

So! This it! Our first Good for Nothing gig here in Cambridge. We're super excited to find the first venture we're going to support and guess what, it could be you! So take a little time to check out the following details and make sure that you're exactly who we're looking for.

First, what is Good for Nothing? It's a growing movement of thoughtful do-ers, thinkers, creatives and tinkerers who apply their skills towards accelerating the work of grass roots social innovators and changemakers. The community of "Good for Nothingers" give their time and energy for no money (hence the name). There are also socials to hang out, meet like-minded people and develop projects and on-going challenges.

Our first gig is the short version - Good for Nothing in a Cafe. It's one evening in the week in a great space making a quick turbo boost to one chosen venture.

Now it's time to see if you're the right venture for us!

Good for Nothing works with changemakers - grassroots innovators and enterprises who are positively disrupting the system with innovative and creative approached to solving social or environment problems. There are five key themes:

  • Food

  • Energy

  • Biosphere

  • Future Youth

  • Humanity

We are open to social business and enterprises, cause led innovators, activist campaigns, documentaries, film-makers and charities. There are three main criteria:

  1. You are up and running - your concept is proven with an owner or team

  2. You have a disruptive idea - one that is tackling a social and / or environmental issue within one of the themes above

  3. You are up for the party - willing to open up and let our community of Good for Nothingers work freely on your brief!

You also need to have something that you're struggling with - something related to bringing your concept to the world and communicating it to others, something that our community can achieve something concrete on in just one evening. We can help you to refine your idea but it would be great if you have some initial starting points.

If you are up for the challenge, get in touch. You will need to be brave! You will need to be willing to let go - and we know that isn't easy as you've invested your heart and soul into your work so far. We'll be there to hold your hand but you need to feel ready to hand over control too - just for an evening!

If you think Good for Nothing in a Cafe in Cambridge is for you and your venture, get in touch with one of our friendly Chapter Leaders, Mel: [email protected] We can't wait to hear from you!

From Cambridge Good for Nothing Chapter Leaders Al, Adam, Helen, Fiona, Mel and Lou

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