Good for Nothing #famineaid gig this weekend

Hello everyone!

Update on this very big week and the gig this weekend, which as a reminder is in response to the Famine in East Africa where one child is dying every six minutes and, according to the UN, 3.2 million Somalians are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance in its worse drought in over 60 years. The fundraising efforts are struggling to keep up to fund the relief effort.

Our task is simple:

What can we do to plug the gap in donations by tapping into the creativity and energy of our amazing combined networks and skills as makers and community-builders?

We’re still collecting ideas for potential money raising mechanism’s for the famine please do have a think, spread around your networks and submit your ideas here and you never know it may end up being built!

From this we will be starting to prototype one or two with our friends Made By Many during the evenings this week.

The point of this is to be able to hit the ground running and start the weekend gig with an idea which hopefully has the potential to capture people’s imagination, get them donating and spreading through their networks.

But there will be huge amounts to do which will be the focus of this weekend in central London where we have been kindly donated a great space by the awesome folk at Fallon London

So the following tasks spring to mind which we need you to come and help us crack - not a prescriptive or exhaustive list at all - just what we can think of now! - so add your thoughts/ideas in the comments:

1. The development and build of the web based idea - is being led by our friends at MadebyMany - we don’t know what it is yet (so get your ideas in!) but we will be needing more developers, coders, hackers, designers, technologists to help make it happen.

2. Content creation and development to bring the idea to life and campaign it - We need to bring this idea to life and create a load of content/comms to get people interested and up for it - likely to need, communications mastery, design, web film, data hacks, PR, social web outreach and general trickery

3. Forging partnerships with media and other networks to spread it - can we get media firms behind it, writing about it? Can we forge Brand partnerships to spread through their networks? Can you get it our through your networks and encourage everyone you know to get involved and do the same?

4. Help make the weekend gig happen - we usually take about 10 weeks to plan and organise a GFN gig - we’re trying to do this in about 10 days - we have 5 days to go, and there’s only 2 of us around this week! We need to organise food, drink, snacks, entertainment to fuel the do-ing - so any help/contacts/blagging there would be ace.

Also anyone that wants to help us organise the gig would be very welcome - we need lots of hands throughout the weekend.

So if you think you can help with any of the above or anything else please sign up here (you'll need to join the ning first if not already a member)

We're aiming for usual GFN format - drinks briefing Friday night - doing and making saturday and sunday - we know it's a weekend but think about these people in East Africa who have absolutely nothing.

There'll be music, and food and drink. As someone once said about Good for Nothing: Creative collaboration meets rave.

let's do it!

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