Good for Nothing // Innovation in Giving Fund

A few weeks ago we submitted an application to NESTA to pitch for their Innovation in Giving Fund.

The fund ‘invites proposals with the potential to deliver a significant increase in the giving and exchange of time, assets, skills, resources and money.’

The focus of our application is funding to help expand the impact and spread of Good for Nothing in 2 ways.

First, to help us package GFN up so that people can take the 'toolkit' and get it going in other places around the UK.

Second, to help develop a GFN web platform to increase the opportunities for more people to do more Good for Nothing, in more places, more of the time.

There have been over 400 applications to the fund and some of the ideas are really brilliant.

We won’t know for a week whether we’ve been shortlisted or not for the next phase of the application but we wanted to share our application video - if you dig what we’re doing please give the video a like - it may help us ;-)

Shot and edited by Anouk, featuring Tom F in soft focus, Dan in post traumatic jungle mode and Tom R keeping it real.

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