Good for Nothing - #Occupy Blue Monday

So folks, the planning is underway for the next weekend of Good for Nothing do-mania.

We have decided to take aim at the most depressing time of the year to blow any winter blues away with a big burst of doing. Put the evening of Friday 20th through Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd Jan in your diaries – so sign up here and look out for full event details later on in December.

We will need Film makers, animators, developers, coders, hackers, designers, writers, photographers, strategists, communicators, dancers, bloggers and all round do-ers.

So if that sounds like you then get involved.

We have already started talking with potential cause partners for the January gig and we’d like to widen the search, so if you know an awesome cause that could do with a turbo-hit of creative energy and doing then let us know.

The 3 main criteria we’re looking for in our cause partners are: Must be up and running – concept is proven. Must be a disruptive idea – that is tackling a social and/or environmental issue. Must be up for the party – willing to open up and let the Good for Nothing crew work freely on their brief.

Any ideas on that, just head over to the event page here and add your thoughts in the comments.

So that’s it for the moment. We’re already getting very excited at the thought of a Good for Nothing winter warmer.

I see a ship in the harbour.

Until soon...

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