'Good for Nothing' officially went off...

Wow! And breathe.....

What a buzz we had last weekend at the first Good for Nothing gig. Somewhere between 50 and 60 amazing folk braved the freezing night and day to commit 24 hours of their time and energy against rapid, freeform creative problem-solving and doing for 3 awesome causes.

Amazingly, this included a trip to Kings Cross to the Global Generation skip gardens to experience first-hand the work being done there...

Thanks to Jesson Yip for the photo

Others even made it out on a run with The Good Gym to decorate an elderly care home with Christmas decorations before getting back to basecamp to work on their challenge...

There's been so much great stuff emerging from the experience this week. It's lovely to start getting a feel for people's thoughts of their experience. Johnnie describes the 'letting go of managing each other' and being 'sensitive to goodwill and enthusiasm as a co-ordinator of people'

Neil, who braved the snow to join The Great Football Giveaway team, talks about 'how much small groups of motivated people can produce in such a short space of time by being fearless and getting stuck in'. Benjamin pondered whether this 'fast, lightweight and adaptable' approach could be a new way of working more generally. And James said 'it felt a little bit like the future'

We feel exactly the same. Buzzed at how people can self-organise around a purpose without the need for control. At how trust and a simple framework is enough to make and produce amazing output incredibly quickly. And that a diversity of people can create such moving experiences.

But without doubt the energy and attitude of everyone who came was what made the experience so rewarding. No bullshit, no ego, just 100% up for getting stuck in, believing and seeing what could be possible in 24 hrs. So a massive thank you to everyone who came, without you there is no good for nothing.

So we'll all have more reflections to follow I'm sure. We owe a big thank you post to all who donated stuff. And there's a film of the experience in development. But ahead of that, we wanted to land a couple of things with you now.

Firstly we have a new site which is here - so please update your bookmarks away from the old posterous.

Secondly we have created a place for the network to develop - a Good for Nothning (see what we did there?)

This is a place to keep the energy moving, to continue relationships, to post up new missions and to see what emerges. We hope you'll all join up and encourage others who may be interested in getting involved to join the mission.

By joining up, you can continue to track progress, get involved in new ideas which may interest you, start conversations around anything you fancy, post stuff, share stuff, connect with others and help develop and shape future gigs. Feel free to use it to express your experiences and ideas.

We're starting to plot the next London gig already which is likely to be in May next year. Ahead of that, we're planning a drinks evening at the end of January to get your feedback, share experiences and to get input from those interested on shaping the next event. We'll let you know the details via the ning.

Finally if you have photos or videos of the event please get them up, either via the GFN Flickr group, or direct via Good for Nothning Till soon.....

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