Hook up with your fellow Good for Nothingers

We've added a little something to your Good for Nothing profile.

(not notice that you had one?)

That's ok, we have no intention of attempting to become a social network, and we sure aren't going to farm your personal information in order to sell it on to advertisers…


What we do know is that it's often difficult, in the turbo-charged few days that you spend with a bunch of strangers, to remember to swap contact details... especially now that more of you are doing more Good for Nothing in more places.

So we're trying to make it easier for you to hook up with your fellow Good for Nothingers post real-world event - be it someone you had an interesting conversation with at a social, or a fellow do-er that you clicked with at a gig.

Making first contact

While you'll probably be most comfortable talking to your fellow Good for Nothingers over a cuppa' or email, it's not always easy to track someone down and send that little "hello" to keep things going after the buzz of an event has died down, so we've added direct messaging to your profile to allow people to do just that.

Head on over to your profile, you should see a nice little button asking you to enable direct messaging for your account, something like this:

While you're there, you may notice that we've updated your profile page to make it easier for you to keep track of your efforts, talk a little about what motivates you to do some Good, and how you like to get stuff done.

As the community invents more ways to do Good for Nothing, we'll attempt to keep tabs on it all here.

Finding that person you vaguely remember from that gig you attended in January (or was it March?) last year

You'll no doubt encounter a huge number of people as you attend more events and get stuck into challenges, so we're trying to make it easier for you to quickly see who you've worked with, filter them by skills and see who's local to you.

If you're logged in, head on over to the community page and have a play - you may find some familiar faces to say hello to.

We'll be playing around with other tools and ways to help find like minded do-ers in the coming months.

Your privacy

Privacy policies are the talk of the e-town at the moment, and rightly so.

Our policy is simple enough: anything we create online is created to serve the community, if it doesn't, it's gone.

Your information is your information. Never ours. While we do attempt to keep track of your activity within the community, it'll only ever be collected in order to benefit the community (you).

In short: we'll never ask you for any information that doesn't benefit your experience of Good for Nothing. If we do, tell us to remove it.

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