It's all going off ...the snow won't stop us

Quick update from the GFN crew....

It's all due to kick-off tonight at 6pm at Splendid Communications great space at 69-85 Tabernacle Street EC2A 4BD. Look out for a picture of our little bird on the door!

The snow hasn't stopped us, it's slowed a few deliveries down but we're pretty much there on everything else with Adnams beer delivered, tea/cake/urn to hack from Yorkshire Tea, Innocent smoothies hopefully on track, Divine chocolate on route and IT supportĀ from PC Correct - some friendly, helpful guys who do IT support in London and are coming to keep us on track with everything IT-related

If you want to follow the event, check what's happening via

hashtag #g00dfornothing

tweets from @g00dfornothing and hopefully a few others

and a Flickr group here

Time to see how much Good we can do for this space! Eek....

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