Next Good for Nothing London gig - weekend 21st and 22nd May 2011

words from the generators

So folks, the next gig is being planned for the weekend of the 20th May. Put it in your diaries - eventbrite and all the deets to follow at some point in early March.

We've had a chance to talk to quite a few people who came to the first gig to get feedback and thoughts - most of which has been awesome. We don't think we're going to change much but here's a couple of tweaks....

Firstly, we're going to increase the event to 48hrs. A day is just a little too short, the general feeling is that in 48 hrs we could get a load more stuff finished and ready to roll.

Secondly, we need to get more developers to join us. We're talking to quite a few people here but are totally open to suggestions and introductions, so please spread the word on that one.

Then there's some micro-tweaks, such as can we get 24hr access to the space, can we bring even more diversity into the room - artists, model makers, musicians? Let us know if you came to the last one and have any other thoughts or ideas that you think might improve the experience.

We're already started chatting to potential cause partners for the May gig but again we'd like to widen the search, so if you know an awesome cause that could do with a turbo-hit of creative energy and doing then let us know.

The 3 main criteria we're looking for in our cause partners are:

Must be up and running - concept is proven. Must be a disruptive idea - that is tackling a social and/or environmental issue. Must be up for the party - willing to open up and let the Good for Nothing crew work freely on their brief.

Any thoughts on that, just head over to the cause partner thread on the good for nothning

So that's it for the moment. We're already getting quite excited at the thought of a summer good for nothing experience..

We'd love to hear from you with any thoughts.

Until soon.

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