Phew! Wild Thing, reflections and where next.

WILD THING SLIDESHOW from Good for Nothing on Vimeo.

So that was Wild Thing.

Its taken us all a few days to recover.

Physically and mentally a bit broken in a very lovely way.

In 18 months we've done some crazy gigs, each one surprising, moving and energising in their own unique ways.

But Wild Thing was a step into something else.

The energy, creativity and collaboration was beyond what we've ever experienced.

So the question is why?

Well the crew of Good for Nothinger's who turned up were outstanding.

Diverse, brilliant, beautiful humans with tons of energy and a bucket load of do.

The brief probably had something to do with it.

Who couldn't be excited about trying to raise awareness of the natural world, outdoor play, and wildness.

Energised about communicating the wonder of nature versus some dull corporate landfill nonsense.

And then there was the genius of place.

Global Generation is a special place. A small, nomadic hive of creativity and possibility in the midst of Europe's biggest building site.

There's a vibe of inventiveness which runs through the place. Manifested through the creative experimentation that is Global Generation itself.

Taking materials from the construction site, turning them into growing spaces, learning spaces and collaboration places for diverse community to come together, explore and develop themselves.

It made me think again how there is nothing more creative than nature and wildness.

How did we come out of 48hrs, with three campaign ideas developed, three working web app prototypes, several engagement programs, system interventions, films, music, product concepts and even a treehouse?

All self organised, no creative depts, no stratgey depts, no management.

And of course there was the tent. Everyone loves a big tent.

A mashup of festival, camping and circus vibes ( and mildly apocalyptic during the torrential rain)

And that combination actually felt a bit like the essence of Wild Thing.

And we're struck not for the first time, that creative responses to some of our most pressing problems will not come from sitting around big tables, watching powerpoint and cerebral jousting.

They'll come from folk with diverse skills and different world views collaborating together, doing, making and prototyping rapidly.

They'll come when people let go of vested interests and ego, they'll come from working in places that remove the barriers to really seeing the problems, where you can feel the tensions, and when we have the freedom to really be ourselves, as with nature, to be spontaneously ourselves.


In terms of next steps for the Wild Thing project, we will be sharing all the work produced over the next few weeks. Some of which will be taken on by David in the remainder of the film.

A Wild Thing platform is coming, so follow the twitter feed for news on that. This will house all projects from the weekend, be a space to find more collaborators to develop and finish concepts, be a place for people to start new projects, share existing ideas, connect different communities and kick start a bottom up people's movement to help reconnect kids and their parents with nature and wildness.

More on that soon.

The weekend was made possible by loads of amazing people giving time, resources, energy and stuff. We thank you so much. Special mention to Global Generation, Innocent Drinks, Divine Chocolate, Bear Nibbles, Jimmy's Iced Coffee.

We also as a new experiment created a group of founding folk to help support Wild Thing and to collaborate in the ongoing evolution of the project. Big respect to The National Trust, Eden Project, Do Lectures, Green Lions, TYF Outdoors and Al Kennedy.

We're also having a social in a couple of weeks on the 31st July, there will be updates from Green lions, chats, ale and music, be ace to see you, register here

And now it's really just the beginning.

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